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The Last Of The Mohicans

Cast and Production Information

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Cast and Information

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

Directed by
Michael Mann

Writing credits (WGA)
James Fenimore Cooper (novel)
John L. Balderston (adaptation)

Genre: Adventure / Romance / War / Western

Cast (in credits order)

Daniel Day-Lewis - Hawkeye
Madeleine Stowe - Cora Munro
Russell Means - Chingachgook
Eric Schweig - Uncas
Jodhi May - Alice Munro
Steven Waddington - Duncan Heyward
Wes Studi - Magua
Maurice Roëves - Col. Edmund Munro
Patrice Chéreau - Gen Montcalm
Edward Blatchford - Jack Winthrop
Terry Kinney - John Cameron
Tracey Ellis - Alexandra Cameron
Justin M. Rice - James Cameron
Dennis Banks - Ongewasgone
Pete Postlethwaite - Capt. Beams

All Cast and Production Info curtosey IMDB Movie Database.