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The Last Of The Mohicans

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While filming the canoe scenes, the canoe always tipped. 'Curtis Gaston' , Soldier Number One, recalls having to save the upset Jodhi May from the cold waters.

Daniel Day-Lewis is well known for going to extremes in preparation for his roles. For this film he lived in the wilderness where his character might have lived, hunting and fishing and living off the land for several months prior to shooting.

Hawkeye's real name in the novel is Natty Bumppo, but was changed to Nathaniel Poe for the film to avoid titters from the audience.

Brian Cox was offered the part of Colonel Munro.

The film was originally scheduled for a Summer 1992 release, as the teaser posters said, but when Michael Mann's first version clocked in at three hours, he was told by Fox to cut the film down and the release was postponed to September. Mann was never happy with the resulting two hour version, feeling he had not had enough time to properly trim it, and so Fox allowed him to re-edit it entirely for the 1999 DVD release. Although only a few minutes longer, the new version features minor changes throughout the film. It is Mann's preferred version and the only one available on DVD in the US.

Hawkeye shoots a Huron who drops his gun. The gun falls off of a rock and then in the next shot reappears on the rock for Hawkeye to grab as he runs by.

Telephone pole visible on the left side of the screen when the argument over the burial takes place.

After Fort William Henry has surrendered, the assistant director is visible at the bottom of the screen, wearing a blue baseball cap and waving a megaphone.

When the British leave the Fort, a propane gas bottle, a plastic box and bucket made of stainless steel can be seen as the soldiers go down the ramp.

When Chingachgook hits Magua's arm with the war club, the club bends, showing that it was actually rubber.


When the troops are leaving the fort there are two big white buses visible in the background. See the screenshot above.

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